Our Mission

Our mission is to support NGI funded projects to make their new media solutions accessible for everyone. So if you are working on a Next Generation Internet ( funded project, we invite you to produce a safe, secure, open and accessible end product. 
A product that people can trust and everyone can use, including people with a (visual, auditory, motor or other) disability. This is important now that our NGI journey goes beyond the web and mobile applications, to include a flood of connected devices on the outside and inside of our bodies, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure.

Our Services

Accessibility Quickscan

Get a report on the accessibility of your project results or tips to optimize accessibility during your project

Collaboration on Accessibility

Ask our experts and users to help you during your project. Don't wait until the end. Invite users (with disabilities) from the start of your project.

E-learning & Training

Spend 45 minutes on our e-learning or follow a specialized course to learn the basics of accessibility

Student or research support

Ask students and researchers to support you and provide them with an opportunity to help and learn

Design best practices

Help other NGI Zero projects by sharing your best-practices based on your efforts to implement accessibility


If your quickscan results show no barriers, we can provide you with a formal accessibility certification


The EU facilitates us, so we do not charge anything for our help. However, we would appreciate to hear back from you about what worked and what did not work. And, it would be great if our students could maybe help you in the form of a semester study assignment, internship or if you could present your product and experiences to our team and network. Also if you learn about any new accessibility solutions, we would love to hear about it.

Our Team

Picture of Eric Velleman

Eric Velleman

Professor Inclusive Digital Design & Engineering

Picture of Wouter Nordsiek

Wouter Nordsiek

Project Lead / Lecturer Media Design

Picture of Charlotte Swart

Charlotte Swart

Lead Testteam / Researcher / Tester

Picture of Michel Hansma

Michel Hansma

Developer / Researcher / Tester

Picture of Justine Koorn

Justine Koorn

Lead Communications / Lecturer Media Design / Tester

Picture of Jasper Jeurens

Jasper Jeurens

Lecturer Media Design / Researcher / Designer

Picture of Sander Maijers

Sander Maijers

Lecturer IT Security / Researcher / Tester

Picture of Maurits van Scherrenburg

Maurits van Scherrenburg

IT Student / Tester

Kim Lakerveld

Lecturer Media Design

Our Accessibility
Support Team
is Ready to Help!

If you need support to make your product accessible for persons with disabilities, HAN University of Applied Sciences is facilitated by the EU to provide you with, free of charge, accessibility support. HAN University of Applied Sciences has researchers, domain experts and more than 30 thousand students that may be interested to support you with your project. 


NGI0 PET – This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825310.

NGI0 Discovery has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825322.