Auditing process

In the form below you can state your preferences for the auditing process. Here’s an example process:

  1. Optional step: if your product is very complex or technical, we might start with an online meeting where you demonstrate how people might use it.
  2. Our test team, consisting of IT and Design students and researchers, will do an accessibility scan. This is not a complete WCAG audit, but a scan of the most common issues. If you are interested in how we test, or want to learn how to do your own testing, we can do the testing together during a call.
  3. We send a report with the accessibility issues along with a link to more info or possible solutions. 
  4. If you have any questions, you can email them, or we can schedule a call to discuss our findings.
  5. You are welcome to request another scan after fixing the issues!

It usually takes around 3 weeks from first contact to receiving a report.


We need easy access to the product or prototype that needs testing. Installing an app is fine, but we won’t set up test servers. Please include instructions, test account etc.

Note: we only audit NGI projects. NGI REVIEW requests need to go through NLNet first.

Scan request form

    If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for a quickscan, or have any questions about the form below, just let us know at ngi at or by using the general contact form.

    NGI call

    What kind of testing do you prefer?

    How would you like to be involved?